Chairs that promise to make your working hours effortless.

Purchasing office chairs isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. There are some people who need chairs that can accommodate their height beyond what a standard chair can provide. By having a wider and deeper seat pan and taller chair backs, our big and tall chairs accommodate those with taller or wider frames.

Can someone purchase a chair for their office if they are under what height?

You do not have to be a specific height to be comfortable with your chair, although it is important that it fits you well. The height of the seat and the distance between the knees and the end of the chair are both essential. If your knees bend into the chair seat, it’s best to have a little extra space between the end of the seat and where your knees are. If you can reach the floor with your feet, it’s best.

For example, the seat heights of office chairs typically range between 20 to 23″H. The back heights of standard chairs can range between 21 to 27″H, while the back height of office chairs is typically a little over 21″H.

When looking for a seat depth, what should they consider?

An average chair seat depth measures about 20″W x 19″D. Office chairs usually have a slightly smaller seat depth, typically between 19.5″W x 18″.

When you spend long hours sitting in a chair during the day, finding a chair that is comfortable is important. Do your research before making a purchase so you don’t waste money on a chair that you’ll soon have to replace.

Here at, we make it easy for you to find the right chair for your needs. For more information about our office chairs, please visit here, or give us a call at 9810214485 so we can help you find one that suits your requirements.

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